Film Programs

100% Manusia Film Festival 2022
Will screen 56 films Internationally.

The Films can be watch offline at the festival’s Venue and selectively 
accessible via Festival Scope.

100% Aging Gracefully

To age is a natural part of the human process that one can not skip. Yet, we’d rather close our eyes to the ageing truth and neglect the fact that the elders still exist and need to be treated equally as other citizens. This program is dedicated to gracefully respecting the seniors of our life.

100% Bhinneka

Bhinneka means diversity and these stories capture how diversity can be a powerful tool that brings people (and hearts) together. How children define their particular views on faith. When families are tested through various hard times and still rekindle love. And how life choices we made can bring empathy for those in need.

100% F for Fluid

This is the program for those in love, or searching on the possibility to find or to believe in love. As with all good things in life, love may not come easily. Sometimes it’s just flowing unexpectedly, like an abundant fluid that fills the jar. And sometimes, when you feel like you have it in your hands, suddenly it slips away and leaves you empty. 

100% Unbreakable

The world may tilt their head when they see us. People may look surprised to see the biggest smiles often born from despair. These six stories will inspire you nevertheless as when everyone thinks that you are broken, you realise that the spirit will always stay unbreakable.

100% V for Venus

What is it like to be a Venus of Milo? An icon of beauty that is adored for showing a perfect skin, body and smile. A boring standard that has to be fulfilled by women. Fortunately, the dames portrayed in these films think otherwise and they will show you a different side of Venus that will keep you surprised.

Fringe Events

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100% Manusia Film Festival 2022

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