How to Register & Get Tickets at Festival's Venues

* Ticket will be manually created
* Ticketing is first come, first serve

Register Yourself

  1. Come to the offline venue on screening dates
  2. Scan the QR code on the registration desk
  3. Fill up Google Form on the spot
  4. The volunteer will verify the data
  5. Once approved you’ll receive a membership card with age details (13+/18+/21+)
  6. Audiences can collect movie tickets at the ticketing desk

Get Your Tickets

  1. Tickets are available at the related screening venue 1 hour prior to the screening and are valid only for the scheduled film on that day
  2. Come to the venue, and register through the QR code provided at the registration desk
  3. The audience should present confirmation of vaccination, at a minimum, the second dose. The first dose of the vaccine only allowed for certain types of vaccine (such as Johnson & Johnson)

How to Watch a Film at Festival Scope

Notice: Make sure you are already registered at Festival Scope 

  1. Visit and click on the ‘Festival’ menu button
  2. Search for ‘100% Manusia Film Festival 2021’, click on the festival poster
  3. Pick a film to rent. Each film has different screening dates and times, with tickets available since 15 November to be booked. See our Festival Schedule for the details
  4. Click on the ‘$0.00’ button on the film thumbnail to rent. Then click ‘Play Now’. Films will be available for 5 days in your library and 30 hours starting when you click ‘Play Now’
  5. To watch later, click ‘X’ after renting. You can find the films rented in the ‘My Library’ submenu. 
  6. If a film is not available yet, you can click on the ‘Add to My List’ button on the film thumbnail. When it becomes available, you can rent it through your ‘My List’.