Austrian Embassy, Jakarta
Friday, 04 November 2022 | 19.00 WIB

IFI Yogyakarta (LIP), Yogyakarta
Thursday, 10 November 2022 | 17.00 WIB

Festival Scope, Streaming Online
28 October 2022, 08.00 WIB
End: 12 November 2022, 23.59 WIB

100% All Around the World

Short Films Compilations

The Carfuckers
The Ephemeral
Good Night
Moon Under My Feet
Oneself Story

Who doesn’t love short films? Especially the one that is being shown from each corner of this world.
Take a peek into the life of your closest and farthest neighbour on planet earth in 100% All Around The World.

The Carfuckers (Die Autoficker)

Germany/ 2019/ 2 Mins/ Fiction
German with English subtitles
Director: Josia Brezing

During a nocturnal car drive in search of sex, the protagonist meets a trans prostitute. But, instead of releasing him from his desires, she informs him together with a leather fetish boy about his irresponsibility regarding climate change.


  • Official Selection, European Film Festival 2021


Austria/ 2021/ 6 Mins/ Drama
German with English subtitles
Director: Johanna Halbartschlager

This short skillfully illustrates the difficulties and complexity of contemporary interpersonal relationships as it depicts the daily lives of three individuals and their attempts to fit in.


  • Official Selection, Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival 2022
  • Official Selection, CineYouth – Chicago International Film Festival 2022
  • Official Selection, YOUKI International Youth Media Festival 2021

The Ephemeral (Lo Efimero)

Spain/ 2020/ 20 Mins/ Drama
Spanish with English subtitles
Director: Jorge Muriel

Two strangers meet in a subway car. They both bring their past with them. Both look at each other from their present. Both will determine their future in that fleeting, and ephemeral, vital journey that briefly brings them together.


  • Best Short Fiction Film nominee, Goya Awards 2021
  • Best Editing, ECU European Independent Film Festival 2021
  • Best Actor in a Short Film, Best Short Film and Best Director, Alicante Film Festival 2020

Flesh (Carne)

Spain, Brazil/ 2019/ 12 Mins/  Animation
Portuguese with English subtitles
Director: Camila Kater

Five women, each in different stage of their life, share experience about their relationships to their bodies and how others perceive them.


  • Grand Prize Best International Short Film nominee, Anima-Brussels Animation Film Festival 2020
  • Golden Pardino – Leopards of Tomorrow nominee, Locarno International Film Festival 2019 
  • Grand Jury Prize Animated Short Film nominee, AFI Fest 2019

Good Night (Da Yie)

Ghana/ 2019/ 20 Mins/ Fiction
Akan, French with English subtitles
Director: Anthony Nti

Young Matilda and Prince are taken on a life changing trip by a stranger. Kids, gangsters and Ghana’s vibrant coast as you’ve never seen them.


  • Best Short Film nominee, San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2020
  • Best Short Film and Jury Award for Outstanding Performance, Melbourne International Film Festival 2020
  • Best Short Film nominee, London Film Festival 2020

Moon Under My Feet
(Bakit Ako Sinusundan ng Buwan?)

Philippines/ 2021/ 19 Mins/ Drama
Tagalog and Filipino with English subtitles
Director: Richard Soriano Legaspi

During childhood, Lino often asked his mother as they wandered the path underneath the night sky. They gradually lost their farm because of his father’s debt, he was forced to emigrate. After several years in prison, the moon is the only way to talk to his mother and when he goes back, he will return to the things and dreams that his disappearance has stolen-including his girlfriend.


  • Official Selection, 5th European Philippine International Film Festival, 2022

Oneself Story (Recit de Soi)

Belgium/ 2018/ 5 Mins/ Animation
French with English subtitles
Director: Geraldine Charpentier

Lou’s recount of childhood and navigating non-binary representations


  • Best Student Animation, ANIMA – Cordoba International Animation Festival 2019

Precious (Précieux)

France/ 2020/ 14 Mins/ Animation
French with English subtitles
Director: Paul Mas

Julie doesn’t fit in at her school. This changes when Emile, an austistic child, joins the class.


  • Best Animated Short Film nominee, César Awards 2022
  • Grand Prix nominee, GLAS Animation Festival 2022
  • Best Short Film nominee, Cinema Jove – Valencia International Film Festival 2021