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Karaoke Party – with oomleo

Hi karaoke lovers! Have you ever felt that there is not enough time for karaoke? As a special, end-of-year event, 100% Manusia with oomleo from RuRu Radio and Paviliun 28…
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7 December 2017 0

Festival Film 100% Manusia: Bandung Tour

Festival Film 100% Manusia is coming to Bandung! We will screen six feature films and two bundles of short films at Institut Français d’Indonésie (IFI) and Universitas Parahyangan. Check out…
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24 November 2017 0

KuMis: Sweet 20

Do you ever feel that you want to turn back the time? If yes, you are just like Fatmawati, the fussy granny in “Sweet 20”!

24 November 2017 0

100% Friday Movie Screening – Orizon Astonia

100% Friday Movie Screening returns this November! This month we will feature films by Orizon Astonia

5 November 2017 0

KuMis: Turah

For the October edition of KuMis, 100% Manusia and Ke:kini is screening “Turah“, which has recently been selected to represent Indonesia in the 2018 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language…
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19 October 2017 0

100% Friday Movie Screening – Tanah Mama

After ten full days of film screenings and other events at the 100% Manusia Film Festival, we are now back with the monthly programme of 100% Friday Movie Screening. This…
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10 October 2017 0

100% Friday Movie Screening

Mau cepet-cepet pulang kantor, tapi males kena macetnya? Daripada bengong-bengong, capek di jalan mending ke Paviliun 28! Soalnya 100% Manusia lagi adain Friday Movie Screening nih!

8 August 2017 0

Special Screening: “A Screaming Man” & “Istirahatlah Kata-Kata”

Sebagai sebuah festival film yang baru di Indonesia, 100% Manusia bekerja sama dengan @IFI akan mengadakan Special Screening pada hari Minggu, 27 Mei 2017. Film yang akan ditayangkan adalah “A…
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21 May 2017 0

A Walk To Understand

With @jktgoodguide, we present:
A Walk to Understand: a walking tour that passes different places of worship in Jakarta to understand better.
Sat, 20th May. It’s a pay-as-you-wish walking tour.

19 May 2017 0

100% Friday Movie Screening

Gaes~ Jumat tanggal 12 Mei nani belom ada acara atau janji? Yuk ikutan acara #100persenFridayMovieScreening – acara #filmscreening dari 100% Manusia. . Penasaran filmnya apa? Ada deeh! Yang pasti surpriseeee-ingly…
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9 May 2017 0

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