A farmer named Sutrisno has a daughter named Alya who has dreadlocks in her hair. The dreadlocks’ hair was never made but given. People believe a child with dreadlocks hair is given by supernatural ancestors. People also believe there’s some spirit that follows the child along with the hair. To set the child free, a dreadlocks haircut ritual needs to be held. Before the ritual, a dreadlocks child request needs to be granted. Alya is asking for a big female cow from her parents. Sutrisno as the head of the family works so hard to fulfill his daughter’s request to complete the ritual.

  • Best Short Documentary Festival Film Indonesia 2022
  • Finalist Visual Documentary Project, JPN 2021
  • Best Documentary Solo Documentary Film Festival 2020
  • Official Selection Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2020
  • Nominee Best Film Sea-Short Film Festival, MLY, 2020 
  • Nominee Best Documentary Piala Maya 2020 


15 min | 2020
Documentary | Indonesia
Central Javanese with English subtitles

Director: ​​Sidiq Ariyadi

Wednesday, 4 Oct 2023
13.00 Institut Kesenian Jakarta

Thursday, 5 Oct 2023
19.00 IFI Yogyakarta

Saturday, 7 Oct 2023
16.30 SAE Institute Auditorium