After violently attacking her mother, Margaret, 35, must submit to a strict removal measure while awaiting her trial: she no longer has the right, for a period of three months, to contact her mother, nor to come within 100 meters of the family home. But this distance which separates her from her home only exacerbates her desire to be closer to her loved ones. Every day she returns to this border as invisible as it is impassable.

  • Golden Bear nominee, Berlin International Film Festival 2022
  • Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Performance, Swiss Film Prize 2023


105 min | 2022
Drama | Switzerland, France, Belgium
French  with English subtitles

Director: Ursula Meier

Sunday, 1 Oct 2023
15.00 Goethe Haus Auditorium

Saturday, 7 Oct 2023
18.30 Erasmus Huis
19.00 IFI Yogyakarta