Merlin, born as a girl, felt right from his childhood that he was trapped in the wrong gender. But it took a lot of courage and determination for Merlin to transition to become a transman. With unflinching support from his families, Merlin now is proud of his gender identity, even his grandma tells with a chuckle, “I have always called him Raja Bhau (Raja Bro) right from his childhood!”

  • Official Selection, Leeds Queer Film Festival 2023

  • Official Selection, AKS International Minorities Festival 2023

  • Official Selection, BangkokThai International Film Festival 2022


15 min | 2022
Documentary Short | India
Hindi & Marathi
with English subtitles

Director: ​​Sridhar Rangayan

Tuesday, 3 Oct 2023
17.00 Erasmus Huis

Wednesday, 4 Oct 2023
19.00 SAE Institut Sound Stage

Friday, 6 Oct 2023
19.30 Istituto Italiano di Cultura Jakarta

Sunday, 8 Oct 2023
12.00 Istituto Italiano di Cultura Jakarta