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List of films in alphabetical order

100% Bhinneka

Differences should not make us ‘less human’. The diversity that exists and emerges in society needs a space without discrimination or repression. It is diversity that makes us equal. We are all 100% Human.



100% In Motion

Abuse of power can lead to oppression and human rights violation. It takes courage to stay on the side of the truth and fight against injustice. The stories revealed in this section constantly remind us on the importance of humanity.



100% Retrospective: Sally Potter

British filmmaker Sally Potter is known for innovative form and risk-taking subject matter and has worked with many of the most notable cinema actors of our time. Sally Potter’s films have won over forty international awards and received both Academy Award and BAFTA nominations.



100% V for Venus

The life we have today might not exist without the long struggle of the women before us. To break the chains of injustice, achieve equality, and fight for human rights.


100% Britshorts

Compilation of short film programs from the UK that have all been shown at BFI Flare, London. Five films from the compilation have also featured in FiveFilms4Freedom, a short film programme that addresses gender diversity and campaigns equality through digital platform.



100% Collaboration: IAWRT

IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival showcases works by women directors of Asian origin ranging from animation, documentary, experimental, short fiction, to fiction feature. The festival was launched by the India chapter of IAWRT (International Association of Women in Radio and Television).



100% Collaboration: minikino

minikino is a short film festival organisation with an international networking that declared its commitment to a “healthy dose of short films”. A well-programmed selection of short films is a potent stimulant for discussion, which in turn will promote critical thinking. Seizing this idea, in 2002 minikino began coupling its unique program of short films from around the world with moderated discussion.



100% Collaboration: KASHISH

KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival is the biggest film festival focusing on SOGIE issues in South Asia. The festival programs around 180 films from 50 countries and attracts close to 8500 audiences every year. It has been attended by notable Indian celebrities, filmmakers, critics and academics as well as international guests.



100% Non-conforming

Infidelity, rejection, regrets, secrets, and lies. Like love, these stories lead us to realise that love is acceptance.



100% Shatterproof

Violence and forced abduction. Survivors and families of the victims are still waiting and holding on. To testify and share their stories. But until when do they have to endure the pain of their loss and endless waiting?



100% Spanish Siesta

Three stories from southern Europe on struggling – to seize hope, love, and dreams.



100% Voice Within

Faith differences should not tear us apart. The belief of universal entity(-ies) should unite us all.



100% XXS

In society, women are often oppressed, to compromise with social order that does not side with them. Until when?