100% Nyinyir

Pleasure is Mine!

27 November 2021, 16.00 WIB

100% Nyinyir is a light mannered discussion on a topic about human rights related issues that is considered taboo in society. The speaker will be from different backgrounds and communities related to the topic and have an extent knowledge regarding the topic.

Self-Love menjadi tema besar dalam program 100% Nyinyir tahun ini. Salah satu bentuk self-love adalah melalui self-pleasure, yang kerap kali masih dianggap tabu untuk dibahas akibat konstruksi sosial yang ada di masyarakat. Bersama Rendra Susanti dan Puri Kencana Putri, 100% Nyinyir ingin membahas mengenai apa itu self-love, urgensi, bagaimana cara memenuhinya, langkah pertama untuk eksplorasi sensasi bar, dan Batasan-batasan apa yang perlu dibuat sebelum memulai petualangan baru!. Acara akan dimoderatori oleh Lucky Kuswandi, Duta Festival Film 100% Manusia tahun ini.

About Speakers

Rendra Susanti
Biasa dipanggil Susu. Happy people supporter nya Laci Asmara Toko online gaya hidup intim di Indonesia, yang  fokus terhadap pendidikan dan permainan seksual untuk kehidupan intim yang lebih aman, membahagiakan dan menggairahkan. 
In 2013, Susu Rendra founded Laci Asmara in an effort to bring high quality and well designed  instruments of love to Indonesia, as opposed to what had been on offer until then: ugly and vulgar genital replicas, sold in dodgy roadside stalls more often than not of dubious provenance, with questionable safety standards, made from unknown materials and badly presented alongside adult DVD’s and “macho pills”….   It was time to change that!

Many people believe sexual pleasure is not something to be talked about, let alone explored. However, it is one of our biological needs and people that are inclined to experience pleasure should know and understand how to enhance it, as it naturally brings happiness not just to the body but to your soul. Pleasure is not a sin! Getting to know the sensual areas of your body, stimulating them alone or as a couple will make you learn about yourself and your partner and make the relationship more colorful, candid, passionate and pleasurable.As a happy people supporter, Laci Asmara is very proud to be the one and only lifestyle online shop in Indonesia, which provides love instruments from various international brands. Our priority is to provide high quality products that are well designed and present you with the choice you need to ensure each one has the most pleasurable option available to make love in a more colorful happier way. Whatever gender and orientation, sexual happiness is each person’s right; after all it is our pleasure. So go ahead and open Laci Asmara!

Puri Kencana Putri
A tech worker who dedicates herself for books, swim and human rights. Previously Puri used to work for KontraS—a national wide human rights organisation in Indonesia, as a chief of human rights researcher. She jumped to Amnesty International as a chief of human rights campaign and advocacy. She spent her times in several countries Costa Rica, the Philippines London, and Malaysia for school and nickel and dime in between the journeys.

Lucky Kuswandi
Lucky Kuswandi is one of Indonesia’s most exciting directors. His films have been screened in International festivals worldwide, from Cannes to Tokyo to Berlin, receiving accolades, awards and distribution. A graduate from the Art Center College of Design, California, he participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus in Berlin, Germany in 2006. It is a forum for young, promising filmmakers. In 2008 he directed a documentary short MISS OR MRS? as part of the anthology AT STAKE. The documentary was screened in the prestigious Berlin Film Festival 2009 at the Panorama Section. In 2010 he directed his first full-length film MADAME X. The film was nominated for 2 Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong at 2011, and won the Best Film Award at the Copenhagen LGBT Film Festival. In 2014, Kuswandi released his second feature film, a love letter to Jakarta titled SELAMAT PAGI MALAM / IN THE ABSENCE OF THE SUN. The film was the closing film for the Singapore International Film Festival, and competed at the Tokyo International Film Festival.  The Straits Times praised the film, calling it “dripping with social commentary, the feature illustrates the contradictions that make up the rich mosaic that is one of Asia’s most populous cities.” In 2015, Kuswandi’s latest short film, THE FOX EXPLOITS THE TIGER’S MIGHT, competed at the Cannes Film Festival in the Semaine de la Critique (Critic’s Week) Section. The film became the second Indonesian film ever screened in the section, and the first in 26 years. The film won Best Short Film & Best Director at the Silver Screen Awards in Singapore 2015. In 2017, Lucky released his third feature film, GALIH & RATNA, a remake of the infamous Indonesian film GITA CINTA DARI SMA. His fourth feature film is a NETFLIX Original Film, ALI & RATU RATU QUEENS, released worldwide in 2021. He is currently writing his script for his next film 108 DAYS, which was presented at the Hong Kong Asian Financing Forum in 2021. Lucky also works as a film lecturer in Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, teaching film directing.

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