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100% Manusia
(100% Human)
 aims to
facilitate the changes in our society, raising awareness and support human
empowerment for a better future. The 100% Manusia committee is powered by
voluntary works carried out by highly skilled and dedicated individuals from
diverse religious, ethnic, education, and professional backgrounds. These
goodhearted volunteers are determined to assemble a medium, space, and platform
where people can receive information, learn, and share their experiences
related to diversity through arts within a positive environment of the uprising
creative industry of Indonesia.

FESTIVAL FILM 100% MANUSIA is a film festival which prioritises issues in human
rights, diversity, encompassing gender and HIV/AIDS. This film festival aims to
promote awareness on a wide range of these issues and create platforms of
opening, sharing and exchanging creativities. We believe in unboxing all
individuals from labels, stereotypes, prejudices, and negative stigmas. Our
first film festival is held from September 22nd to October 1st, 2017.

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We have some token appreciation for each support the colleague

Festival Ambassador 2019

Putri Ayudya

Putri Ayudya is an Indonesian Actress, Public Figure, and Social Activist. Her notable works are “Kenapa Harus Bule?” & “KAFIR: Bersekutu Dengan Setan” (award nominee for FFI & IMAA for best actress). Putri recognized her passion in acting since college. She was found by talent scout for Guru Bangsa: Tjokroaminoto in 2013. Beside acting on theater stage and in movies, she’s also working on spreading acting as a life skill by talking in classes, open forum discussion, and sharing and teaching both actors and non-actors on the practicality of acting techniques in daily lives. In 2018, she founded MondiBlanc Acting Lab, a collaborative space between various artists, institution, working actors, and academics in conducting research concerning acting and various issues in Indonesia. This year, the lab is focusing on the topic of acting and mental health. She believes all roles requires 100% of human involvement physically and mentally to be done successfully.


Festival Guest 2019

James Lefkowitz

James Lefkowitz is an award winning filmmaker. He is the founder of Neighborhood Film Academy, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching underserved community of New York City, from film appreciation as well as short film production from development to exhibition. He is also the founder of 25th Frame which develops, produces and distributes films in 50 countries with SundanceTV, Strand Releasing, New Japan Pro Wrestling, CCTV (China), Channel 4 (UK), RTL (Germany), GloboTV (Brazil), Premiere Digital, Netflix, plus 39 film festivals, and provides production services to Disney, Sony, Viacom, Sundance, HBO, Miramax, NHK, ZDF and Arte. He is known for his work on Tijuana Makes Me Happy (2007), The Commute (2011), The Dog Wedding (2015) and Harlemites (2016).

Sridhar Rangayan

Sridhar Rangayan is a filmmaker, writer, activist and film festival director. He is the co-founder and director of KASHISH MIQFF, the co-founder of The Humsafar Trust, India’s largest community based organization working on HIV/AIDS intervention, and has consistently strived to give a voice to social issues in India through his films, writings and public speaking. His award winning films The Pink Mirror, Yours Emotionally, 68 Pages, Project Bolo, Purple Skies, Breaking Free and Evening Shadows present hard-hitting social issues with warmth, compassion and humour. His film Breaking Free won the National Award for Best Editing (non-fiction) from the Government of India and his latest film Evening Shadows has won 17 awards and has been official selection in 67 international film festivals.

Joseph T. Salazar

Joseph T. Salazar is an Assistant Professor at the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines where he teaches courses on Literature, Art, Cultural Studies, and Media Studies. His most recent works have been published in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Kritika Kultura and Tomas.

What People Are Saying About Us

Dont just take it from us. See what our partners have to say!

“Festival Film kali ini memang berbeda. 100% menjadikan kita yang menonton paham kenapa 100% memang berbicara HAM dan keragaman bukan tawar-menawar tapi komitmen kita bagaimana diskriminasi bisa dihapuskan di bumi tercinta ini.”

Oke banget. Love!

100% Manusia.

Budi Wahyuni
Komisioner komnas perempuan

“Filmnya asik-asik, talk show yang telah dilakukan itu membuka mata, membuka telinga dan akhirnya membuka hati orang-orang sekeliling kita tentang permasalahan dan segala macam seluk beluk dari kita semua, manusia.”

Ananda Soekarlan
pianisT and composer

“I think festival or community based like this yang bener-bener perlu di support supaya lebih mengembang dan mengembang lagi.

Karena menurut aku ini salah satu movement atau gerakan yang not only cater mereka yang film buffs atau suka art atau film tapi actually siapapun yang punya hati, bernafas, yang 100% manusia. So thank you for doing this.”

Nazyra C. Noer
Theater direcor and film producer

“100% Manusia Film Festival mengingatkan saya akan indahnya merayakan hal yang paling mendasar dalam menjadi manusia: yaitu hak untuk jadi diri sendiri, tanpa batasan, ancaman dan prasangka.”

Lucky Kuswandi

“Melalui film pilihan dan berbagai acaranya, Festival 100% Manusia menyediakan ruang aman, khususnya bagi warga Jakarta dan sekitarnya untuk berani berekspresi dan menyuarakan hal-hal yang kerap sulit di terima di ranah publik.

Festival ini pada dasarnya menyadarkan kita, bahwa apapun label yang tersemat pada kita agama, suku, ras, orientasi seks, gaya hidup, bahasa, kita semua adalah 100% Manusia. Tak kurang, tak lebih .”

Febi Indirani
journalist and author

“Saya sangat menikmati festival ini karena filmnya sangat menginspirasi dan menyampaikan suara kaum minoritas. Penontonnya sangat antusias dan kritis, panitia yang profesional dan ramah membantu mempertemukan sesama filmmaker untuk ber-networking.”

Tiar Simorangkir
director and writer

“Festival 100% Manusia bukan sekedar festival, lebihh dari itu menciptakan suatu ruang yang dapat mempertemukan film dengan penonton dengan isu aktual saat ini.

Saya senang Nokas bisa hadir kembali disini, bisa didiskusikan lagi dan menjangkau lebih banyak penonton yang beragam.”

Manuel Alberto

“Festival Film 100% Manusia, menjadi panggung yang penting, karena kita bisa mengekspresikan apapun dan siapapun kita sebagai manusia.

Melalui fragmen-fragmen cerita dalam film-film yang hadir, kita mendapatkan kesempatan untuk menyampaikan maupun mendapatkan cerita-cerita tentang manusia.”

Mahesa Desaga

“Festival ini penting untuk diadakan di Indonesia, karena Indonesia perlu festival film yang banyak dan beragam.”

BW Purba Negara

Our Awesome Team

Rain Cuaca

Festival Director


Menina Putri Wismurti

Co Founder Programmer


Samuel Simanjuntak

Co Founder Programmer








Some of Our Partners

Of course to make changes we cannot work alone, we are eternally grateful to those partners who have been good enough to recommend us to friends, family and colleagues.

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