Our Program

Our Program 2019


The festival will screen film in various venues for 10 (ten) days. The screenings will be free of charge. However, the audience will be required to register prior to the screening time. The first screening at the opening night will be for invitation only, whereas the rest of the screenings will be open for public (based on the films’ rating systems). The films are curated by the programming team, and the screenings will be followed by discussions with the filmmaker, producer, actor, human rights activist, and/or expert in the related field in a safe space to promote awareness, acceptance, tolerance and understanding.


This art exhibition presents various types of arts, yet mostly focuses on visual arts such as sketch, painting, photography, installation, and video art. This year the exhibition will feature artist Bly Mulianto. The art exhibition will run for 1 week within the festival

All You Can Read

This literature event in the festival is an opportunity to introduce new books and upcoming writers as well as organizing a book launch and/or book review discussing gender, diffable, mental health, human rights, or HIV/AIDS issues. We are building collaborations with local and international publishers, also writers to organize this event. This year, we plan to feature:
1. ‘Tutur Feminis’ a coloring book for adults, which brings up the issues of queer women and feminism. 2. A new book from Gramedia, tbc.

Express To Impress

This is a platform provided in Festival Film 100% Manusia for stage performances created in any forms of performing arts such as singing, dancing, theater, or musical in relation to the issues of human rights, gender, diffable, mental health and HIV/AIDS. It is an opportunity for collaboration to work together with upcoming artists and/or established art performers. This year we plan on having a collaboration between disable/diffable performers and able performers. This will be a one night only show. We will also have a special edition of 100% Express to Impress for our fundraising, a fun cabaret filled with musical performances. This will also be a one night only show.


This event is a open, interactive and heart-to-heart discussion forum on recent diversity-related issues including gender, diffable, mental health, HIV/AIDS, and human rights issues. Speakers for the discussions will be from various backgrounds and communities related to the chosen topics. There are two categories for this event : 1. ‘100% Nyinyir’ for light and fun topics 2. ‘100% Bicara’ for heavy and serious topics This year 100% Nyinyir will feature the topic of mental health with the working title ‘Adult Self Care: Love It or Leave It’. The issue is about adult self love and how people go about it. This year 100% Bicara will feature the topic of mental health.

A Walk To Understand

This event is a walking tour to several places in Jakarta which have historical background related to diversity. The event aims to promote diversity awareness as well as raising fund (donation base) for the activities conducted in supporting and promoting awareness of human rights issues. This event will be held once during the festival.

Health Care

This is a special spot in the festival where we provide information on health, as being healthy is the essential part of being a human. Audiences and festival goers can access health related services for free of charge, such as HIV/AIDS tests, consultation with health experts and others. This year we plan to have a free VCT in one of our venues for at least 3 days.


Cinergi (Cinema Berbagi or ‘cinema for sharing’ as the English equivalent) is a special film screening event in the festival, where a film screening is presented for blind moviegoers to experience one of the films from the festival program, where they will be partnered with volunteers who will give them audio descriptions of the scenes from the film. In the future, we also aim to have closed caption for the hearing impaired in Bahasa Indonesia, to include deaf moviegoers in this experience During the festival, there will be one screening for this program.