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List of films in alphabetical order

100% Collaboration: IAWRT

IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival is held every year around International Women’s Day in New Delhi. The festival was launched in 2005 by the India chapter of the IAWRT (International Association of Women in Radio and Television). It showcases works by women directors of Asian origin ranging from animation, documentary, experimental, short fiction to fiction feature.

100% Pure Love

100% In Motion

100% Freedom

100% Daily Life

100% = 1

100% Human At Work

100% Bloodline

100% Non-Conforming

100% Revolution

100% Collaboration: KASHISH

KASHISH Mumbai International Film Festival was founded in 2010. The festival programs around 180 films from 50 countries and attracts close to 8500 audiences each year. It was attended by noted Indian celebrities, filmmakers, critics and academicians as well as international guests, and has received approval by the Information & Broadcasting Ministry, Government of India.