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Taking ‘harmony’ and ‘human diversity’ as its main themes, the second edition of 100% Exhibition is titled Rupa Manungsa. Derived from Sanskrit and Javanese language, the word ‘rupa’ means form or face, while ‘manungsa’ can be translated to human or a feeling of becoming one entity. Thus philosophically, Rupa Manungsa can be understood as various forms and faces who are integrated into a unity. This concept encompasses our festival’s goal who aims to promote inclusivity and acceptance of diversity in the society. The exhibition is curated by Nin Djani and will showcase distinguished artworks by young talented artist, Ali Hamzah.

Details: Exhibition 16th to 30th of September 2018, Paviliun 28, open for public
Opening: Sunday, 16th of September 2018, 17.00, Paviliun 28, open for public