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No. This website is only for landing-page purposes and as the information centre about the 100% Manusia Film Festival. All films in the 100% Manusia Film Festival can be watched on Festival Scope. 


Apakah saya bisa menonton 100% Manusia Film Festival disini?

Tidak. Website ini hanya untuk keperluan landing page dan sebagai pusat informasi tentang 100% Manusia Film Festival. Semua film dalam 100% Manusia Film Festival dapat disaksikan di Festival Scope.

Can I get a ticket here?

No, tickets are available on Festival Scope.


Bisakah saya mendapatkan tiket di sini?

Tidak, tiket tersedia di Festival Scope. 

not available

Thank you for all of your support
100% Manusia Film Festival
Schedule will be distribute soon
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