Indivisible (18+)

Film Title: Indivisible (18+)

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Director: Edoardo De Angelis

Italy, 2016 | 104 min | Color

In Italian with English subtitles


Dasy and Viola are Siamese twin sisters on the verge of turning 18, living in the suburbs of Naples. They are blessed with beautiful voices and thanks to their performances at weddings, communions and baptisms, they get the livelihood for the whole family. Kept isolated from the rest of the world by their own father, who just exploits them in order to make money, their life turns upside-down when one of them falls in love for the first time and they discover that they can be separated.


Showing: 24 Sept, Istituto Italiano di Cultura 18.30 | 28 Sept, Selatan 16.00