Danchi Woman (18+)

Film Title: Danchi Woman (18+)

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Director: Akiko Sugimoto

Japan, 2017 | 66 min | Color

In Japanese with English subtitles


Shizu is an 85-year-old woman who never married and has already spent 3 decades of her life in a danchi (japanese word for public housing) and filling it with a lifetime’s worth of souvenirs. When her current danchi is about to be demolished, she must move to a new and smaller one that’s unable to fit all of her ‘souvenirs’. She must figure out how to sort and choose which memories that she can fit into her new house, and which ones she must let go of.



Showing: 21 Sept, Erasmus Huis (Auditorium) 16.00 | 27 Sept, Selatan 19.00