27 Steps of May (18+)

Film Title: 27 Steps of May (18+)

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Director: Ravi Bharwani

 Indonesia, 2019 | 112 min | Color

In Indonesian with English subtitles

This film is loosely based on the mass rapes of Chinese Indonesian women in May 1998 riots in Indonesia. It focuses on the story of May (14) who was gang-raped. Traumatized by the event, May imprisons herself in her house, living in silence and blocking out all emotions by constructing a protective bubble around her, while her father is trapped by guilt and keeps fighting in the boxing ring to channel all his anger and guilt. One day, a magician creates a small crack in May’s protective wall, gradually awakens May’s emotions and traumas.



Showing: 22 Sept, Erasmus Huis (Library) 18.30 | 29 Sept, Erasmus Huis (Auditorium) 13.00