KuMis: Turah

For the October edition of KuMis, 100% Manusia and Ke:kini is screening “Turah“, which has recently been selected to represent Indonesia in the 2018 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film category.

100% Friday Movie Screening – Tanah Mama

After ten full days of film screenings and other events at the 100% Manusia Film Festival, we are now back with the monthly programme of 100% Friday Movie Screening. This time we are collaborating with Lentera, Kalyana, and Paviliun 28, screening “Tanah Mama” by Asrida Elisabeth. In Papua, some women …

A Walk To Understand

With @jktgoodguide, we present:
A Walk to Understand: a walking tour that passes different places of worship in Jakarta to understand better.
Sat, 20th May. It’s a pay-as-you-wish walking tour.

100% Friday Movie Screening

Gaes~ Jumat tanggal 12 Mei nani belom ada acara atau janji? Yuk ikutan acara #100persenFridayMovieScreening – acara #filmscreening dari 100% Manusia. . Penasaran filmnya apa? Ada deeh! Yang pasti surpriseeee-ingly GOOD! . Yang penasaran banget dan mau liat filmnya, jangan lupa untuk dateng ke @paviliun_28 jam 8 malam ya~ See …